Margaret Kelly urged her daughter to beat up another teenager, after warning off onlookers with: "Get tae f*** the lot of you and let them fight."

The sick phone film clip was posted on YouTube, with Kelly yelling at the crowd: "Move. Ah'm tellin yeez, move" - as her daughter Megan faces her "rival" named as Holly.

The footage shows Kelly going nose-to-nose with a young bystander she accuses of plotting to "choke a wee lassie".

Kelly then urges her daughter: "Right Megan, go for it. Get her down."

After almost three minutes of encouragement, Megan pounces on Holly, grabbing her hair, before pulling her down onto the grass. Kelly then runs over, cursing, pulling off another girl who has weighed into the fight. Holly is then seen lying on her back on the grass with Megan standing over her.

The deranged mother then grips Holly by the left ankle as Megan continues beating her up. The three and a half minute clip had received hundreds of hits by the time it was taken down by YouTube yesterday.

The fight was thought to be the result of a row between the two teens about threatening text messages. Kelly refused to comment on the incident which happened just yards from her home in Paisley.

One disgusted neighbour said: "She [Kelly] is known for anti-social behaviour, although I'm shocked she could do something as bad as this. It was yards from a school with several children watching."

Another neighbour added: "The girls didn't even look like they were going to fight until she got involved. She should be ashamed."

A third said: "Any normal parent would do everything in their power to stop their children getting hurt, yet this maniac is strutting about as if she's at an illegal boxing match."

A spokesman for Children 1st condemned Kelly's conduct: "For an adult to encourage violence between children is truly shocking. The role of adults is to keep children safe, establish boundaries and set a good example."

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Photo via Daily Express