Several Sudanese women were arrested for wearing trousers, and received punishment for dressing "indecently."

A local journalist, Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein said she and 12 other women (not pictured) wearing trousers were arrested in a restaurant in the capital, Khartoum.

She said that several of the women had pleaded guilty to the charges, and received 10 lashes immediately. Lubna says she faces 40 lashes for not immediately pleading guilty.

Khartoum, unlike South Sudan, is governed by the Sharia law, which states that the normal punishment for "indecent" dressing is 40 lashes. Several of those punished were from the mainly Christian and animist south, Lubna said.

However, non-Muslims aren't supposed to be subject to Islamic law, even in Khartoum and other parts of the mainly Muslim north.

Lubna said that a group of about 20 or 30 police officers entered the popular Khartoum restaurant, and arrested all the women wearing trousers in there.

"I was wearing trousers and a blouse and the 10 girld who were lashed were wearing like me, there was no difference," she said. She added that some women pleaded guilty to "get it over with" but others, including herself, chose to speak with their lawyers and are awaiting their fates.

[via BBC]