New York City's mass transit system is the new maternity ward. It's the second day in a row a newborn baby girl has been delivered in the system.

A woman passenger helped the mother deliver the baby that didn't want to wait to pop out on a Brooklyn bus (not pictured) on Friday.

Just the day before, conductor Bretta Sykes helped a mother deliver a girl in a subway car.

A NYC Transit spokesman says it could be the system's first consecutive births on a subway train and a bus.

Sykes had been waiting for an incoming train in lower Manhattan on Thursday afternoon when a woman in a subway train at the station went into labour. The conductor, who is a mother of two, says she used information from her own childbirth classes to coach the woman through her seven-minute delivery.

A passenger in the same subway car had taken a video of the incident with her cell phone - which ended up on the local evening news.

Transit officials say the mother and child from Friday's incident are doing well at a hospital, although their names haven't been released.

The transit officials haven't had this much drama ever since a girl was born on a Manhattan subway platform last June. Keep em' coming!

[via wcbstv]