The late '90s - early '00s brought us a number of bubblegum pop groups. Some disappeared as soon as they arrived, while some became international obsessions. But that didn't make them masters of fashion: at some point, they had some fashion missteps.

Eden's Crush

They were a pop group put together on a TV show called "Popstars." You probably recognize Nicole Scherzinger there, before she was given the license to show more skin. This picture shows two of the predominant girl group trends of the early 21st century: vinyl pants and hair knots.

Destiny's Child

Beyonce is now a superstar, and House of Dereon actually became a fashion line. But back in the day, the girls of Destiny's Child were sporting Tina Knowles designed matching futuristic outfits.


Fashion on the ladies of TLC were just Crazy, Sexy, Cool.

Wild Orchid

This was Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson's group before she became famous. There we have the vinyl pants and the bare midriff.

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls sported every over-the-top trend of the '90s : ridiculous platform shoes, chunky highlights, babydoll dresses, bare midriffs, hair knots, vinyl pants, track pants, neone, metallics, swquins, glitter, and the like. The visual of the Spice Girls pretty much sums up the era.

[via Jezebel]