Dominatrix and fetish/bondage model Mz Berlin, whose real name appeared in the San Francisco Weekly even after she asked for anonymity, has been stripped off her rights to visit her 8-year-old son.

After her ex-husband read the article about her conquests, he asked the court to take away her visitation rights, as he worried for their son's safety.

The dominatrix admits she has a few stalkers and works with creepy men. She said: "I meet people a lot who have seen my a**hole [NOT SHOWN] before looking in my eyes," - which is the kind of information she could've, and should've kept to herself.

However, her ex-husband says he'll reinstate custody rights if Mz Berlin movesback to Louisiana, where he and their son live. Maybe he wants to be closer to the kinky lady.

In the meantime, Mz Berlin is trying to get herself a new name since her cover was blown. She said that having her name exposed is "the most violated I've ever felt." And for her, that's extreme.

[via TheFrisky]