Now that tabloids have nothing else to say about Michael Jackson - other than his whopping send-off and his ghost appearances - and since Debbie Rowe is so boring, we now focus on the late singer's children.

We've never managed to get a closer look at them before (literally) because the King of Pop used to shield them from the public eye behind colourful masks. Since they're free to show their faces after their father's death, we can now learn a little more about Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Micahel II (Blanket), 7.

According to family friend Gotham Chopra, Prince is a "fun kid" who "has a lot of energy." He describes Paris as "very thoughtful, very caring, and very sensitive", while quiet Blanket is "a lot like Michael."

As People reported in 2007, the kids are bright, well-behaved and seemingly well-adjusted. A spokesman from the National Zoo, who accompanied the family on a visit said: "I was struck by how considerate and nice and normal they all weer."

Jackson's longtime bodyguard Miko Brando also recently said: "They are well-manered, well-behaved kids. They are really level-headed."

Although we're well aware of Jackson's staggering fame and highly scrutinized lifestyle, many say that the icon, as a father, was nothing but normal and loving.

"There were a few times he brought his kids to work," says tour dancer Christopher "Krirss" Grant. "You could tell by the way they looked at him that they adored him." Jackson's former publicist Raymone Bain also says, "They were Michael's first priority."

"The Jacksons have come together and are really loving the kids," says Chopra. "Cousins and puppies are [around in] full-force, and the kids are enjoying [it]."  Bain adds, no matter what the public thought about Michael Jackson, "his children will be his greatest legacy."

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