An adult film actress known as Savanna Samson says there's no reason to look at scripts anymore, because porn movie now focus exclusively on the "action" instead of the story.

The pornographic movie industry used to have casual interest in plot and dialogue. But now, as we venture into the internet era, and human attention spans aren't as sharp as they used to be, moviemakers are focusing less on narratives, and getting straight to the point - sex.

They are filming shorter scenes nowadays, that can easily be uploaded to Web sites, in several-minute scenes. "On the Internet, the average attention span is three to five minutes," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment. "We have to cater to that."

Vivid, one of the most prominent porno studios, makes about 60 films a year. Just three years ago, most of them were feature-length films with story lines. Today however, more than half are just sex scenes. Other major studios are doing the same.

Although pornographic movies were in demand, and well-recieved in the past, the interest in DVDs have fallen sharply bacause the Internet has made it easy to access snippets of videos. Even the estimated porn DVD sales and rentals in the U.S. has fallen as much as 50%, since they used to generate 3.62 billion in the year 2006.

"The feature [for porn videos] is not as big a part of the industry today," said Wicked Pictures president Steve Orenstein. However, some in the industry prefer their sex with a little more character development.

Samson, for example, says she took her "acting" seriously and had studiously prepared for her roles. "I used to have a dialogue," she says. "Getting it on in one hardcore scene after another just isn't as much fun."

[via NYTimes]