A tourist attraction is advertising for a new witch, with the offer of a £50,000 salary a year, inclusive of a living cave.

Wookey Hole in Somerset say the candidates should have a good cackle, and will enjoy living in a spacious cave. Ads for the job says the witch will have to do the things witches do (eat children, fly on brooms, collect lizard tails..) while living in a cave.

Interested witches will be called to interviews, where they are asked to turn up dressed for the part, and bring any essential witch-props. Being green in colour is probably a plus.lifestyle,

The employers note that the job is available only because their previous witch is retiring, not because she turned herself into a frog.

A Wookey Hole spokesperson said: "It's a job which comes with witch-perfect live-in accommodation in a spacious cave, and a 50K pro rata salary. Enough to buy designer-lable rags, frogs from Fortnum and Mason's and a Le Creuset cooking pot."

[via NewsLite]