Tim Blake-Bowell - who was a school games master by day, and gigolo-pimp by night - was arrested along with his wife Emma, who was also a prostitute.

The city's Crown Court heard that Blake-Bowell managed a brothel, which was variously named Gem's, Pandora's and Men for all Seasons.

Tim Blake-Bowell pictured on the left, and Emma, pictured on the right.

Prosecutor Alistair Walker described how Blake-Bowell offered clients "personal services by male and females for men, women and couples of all persuasions". He added that the P.E. teacher at King Ethelbert had spent most of his time organizing the brothels six female prostitutes - among which was the 37-year-old mother of his two children.

Walker told the court: "Blake-Bowell organised and paid for advertisements in the press, took bookings, organised rotas and took a share of earnings. In his hands-on prostitution as owner of the business he was in a position to direct operations at close quarters."

The brothel was staffed from 11am until midnight, with the women charging £40 for a massage, £60 for 30 minutes of sex and £100 for a full hour. The women were allowed to keep 60 percent of their earnings rather than the usual 50 percent rate in other brothels.

The Blake-Bowells operation was uncovered during a Kent Police probe into illegal sex-trafficking from Eastern Europe. However, they had used only willing British women.

The flat that they used for business was filled with underwear, sex toys and massage oils. An undercover operation sent an officer posing as a client. He was offered sex at the property.

The court found that Emma, 37, was the brothel's "meeter and greeter". She admitted during police interviews that she'd been involved with running the operation.

While selling your body for money is not illegal in England, profiting from prostitution is. Walker told the court: "Control was exerted by the defendants by setting the premises up and by taking a cut of proceeds, thereby exploiting prostitutes."

The pair, now separated, pleaded guilty to charges of controlling prostitution for gain at a hearing earlier this year. Emma was granted bail, but Blake-Bowell is in custody for sentencing.

The incident shocked all of Blake-Bowell's staff at the school, who described the sports master as a "model teacher". His former headmaster described him in a statement as a "valued and trusted collegue" who had shown "unstinting commitment to those pupils in his pastoral care."

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