Tim Blake-Bowell was a dedicated PE teacher at King Ethelbert in rural Kent. At night he led a secret life of selling his body and managing a ring of 6 other prostitutes, one of which is his wife Emma.

The city's Crown Court heard yesterday that Blake-Bowell was responsible for managing the brothel, a rented flat in Canterbury, which was variously named Gem's, Pandora's and Men for all Seasons.

Alistair Walker, prosecuting, described how Blake-Bowell offered clients 'personal services by male and females for men, women and couples of all persuasions'.

But Mr Walker said most of his time was spent organising the brothel's six female prostitutes, one of which was the 37-year- old mother of his two children.

PE teacher Tim Blake-Bowell worked as a PE teacher by day and sold sex by night, including his own wife Emma who worked under the name Brandy

Mr Walker told the court: 'Blake-Bowell organised and paid for advertisements in the press, took bookings, organised rotas and took a share of earnings. In his hands- on position as owner of the business he was in a position to direct operations at close quarters. He helped come up with the advertising strap lines and was responsible for the financial side of the business. He was aware of which girls were working and when. He drove them home after their shifts and he told them what they should say when talking to clients over the phone.'

Blake-Bowell, 47, paid £560 a month to rent the Canterbury flat and spent another £1,400 a month on advertising.

The brothel was staffed from 11am until midnight with the women charging £40 for a massage, £60 for 30 minutes of sex and £100 for a full hour.

The court was told in mitigation that the women were allowed to keep 60 per cent of their takings rather than the 50 per cent rate normal in brothels in the area.

Although the Blake-Bowells used only willing British women, their operation was uncovered during a Kent Police probe into illegal sex-trafficking from Eastern Europe.

The court heard that during a raid on the flat in November 2007 officers spoke to a woman calling herself 'Lorna Larouche'. While the flat contained nothing that indicated that anyone lived there permanently, it was filled with underwear, sex toys and massage oils.

During a subsequent undercover operation a vice squad officer named in court as Steve posed as a client and was offered sex by a woman at the property. Steve declined and instead had a massage, the court heard.

In court, Emma, 37, who has two more children by a previous husband, was described as a working prostitute who called herself 'Brandy'. She was also the brothel's 'meeter and greeter'.

Shortly after his arrest in December 2007, Blake-Bowell lost his job at 700-pupil King Ethelbert although he was allowed to stay on until the end of term. He has taken up taxi driving.

At the time, school sources said they were astonished at his involvement, with one mother describing the sports master as a 'model teacher'. Blake-Bowell shed tears as a statement from his former headmaster was read out describing him as a 'valued and trusted colleague' who had shown 'unstinting commitment to those pupils in his pastoral care'.

His lawyer offered no insight into why he turned to vice other than to say: 'He is horrified by his situation and what he has done.'

The court also heard that his estranged wife, who since the age of 16 has never worked as anything other than a prostitute, suffers with mental problems following a difficult childhood and many dysfunctional relationships.

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