New York author Aviva Yael has compiled a book on the world's worst tattoos, No Regrets: The Best, Worst & Most, after getting the idea from chatting with friends.

They spoke of the worst dates they had, and one mentioned a girl he dated who had terrible tattoos - and his intolerance of them.
Here are some examples of nasty tattoos featured in the book (you better hold your breath!):

One of the inkings featured in the book.

Well dude, you certainly got what he wanted - that is - to look stupid.

Somebody actually put this 80s tv icon on their body.

This person got half of Patrick Swayze tattoed onto a horse - with rainbows flying in the background. The significance? We don't know either.

Okay, dude, we get it - you smoke lots of pot. This proves how drugs aren't good for you - because you'd probably end up getting hideous tattoos like this.

Disgusting thumb? Or disgustingly tattooed, hairy, amputated arm?

This person must've been feeling extremely self-conscious about his hairy mole - and has a deep love for trolls.

Well, at least Judge Judy has her first worshipper.

If Jesus Christ saw this, he wouldn't laugh - he would cry.

Snakes on a Plane must've been some life-changing movie.

Secret fantasies of being a unicorn and having steamy sex?

It's Time... To grow up, you freak.

Even we don't have the strength to say anything about this one...

Not everybody loves Raymond.

[via TheLondonPaper]