The young girl who was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Indian Ocean couldn't swim and had no life jacket. She survived 13 hours in the water, infested with sharks.

14-year-old Bahia Bakari is believed to have been ejected from flight IY626 as it crashed, and then clung onto a piece of wreckage until she was rescued.

Rescuers return to shore after searching for survivors among the debris of the flight.

Bakari is the only survivor of the 153 passengers and crew on the Yemenia Airbus 310 which crashed into a sea as it prepared to land in bad weather on Tuesday.

The teen had left Paris on Monday night with her mother, who perished with the other victims. "I am astonished... I am grieving for my wife but I am stunned and amazed Bahia is alive," said Bakari's father.

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