Now that the king of pop is gone, his long-serving nanny has stepped up to say that the singer was "a deluded, drug-addicted wreck who was preyed upon for cash by the Nation of Islam 'security men' and other hangers-on," says the Daily Mail.

Grace Rwaramba, 42, had worked for Michael Jackson for 17 years, first as a secretary, then as a nanny to his children Prince,12, Paris, 11, and 'Blanket', seven. Now, she spills the beans on the singer's troubled life.

She said she had been recently sacked by the singer as he was jealous of her closeness to his children. She claims she was "the only mother" the three children knew.

Following his death, she also claims that Jackson's mother Katherine had told her the children missed her and were looking for her. Rwaramba also added Katherine phoned her after Jackson's death to ask where money was hidden in his house.

The nanny said: "Katherine just called me. She said, 'Grace, the children are crying. They are asking about you. They can't believe that their father died. Grace, you remember Michael used to hide cash at the house. I am here. Where can it be?"

Jackson had apparently been in debt, until he didn't have enough money to buy balloons for Paris' birthday, according to Rwaramba, who added she had to buy them instead, with her own money. He wrecklessly spent the money he had on useless items while the American Muslim group of the Nation of Islam (which he apparently rented his Los Angeles hous from) and other hangers-on was sucking out any money he earned.

Rwaramba said: "Michael had no idea about money. He got a proposal to make an appearance in Japan for £600,000 ... By the time everyone took their share, he ended up with £120,000". She added the singer would hide any money he managed to save in black bin liners and under carpets in his Los Angeles home - which is what Katherine was looking for.

"I told her to look at the garbage bags and under the carpets. But can you believe this? This woman just lost her son a few hours ago and she is calling me to know where the money is!" Rwambra said on Friday.
She adds the singer didn't pay attention to his contracts, and thought that he signed up for 10 concerts instead of the whopping 50 concerts in London. She says Jackson had been dirty and unkept in recent months, and was taking painkillers while barely eating.

Rwaramba said: "I had to pump his stomach many times. He always mixed so much of it. There was one period that it was so bad that I didn't let the children see him... He always ate too little ad mixed too much." She adds she had seeked help from Jackson's mother and sister, Janet, to persuade him to stop his painkiller addiction, but he only accused her of betraying him - and sacked her (which wasn't the first time anyway).

Well, looks like Rwaramba can further betray the singer as he's not around to sack her anymore. She had even persuaded Jackson's children to "lose" the disguises they had to wear in public, claiming the children hated them.

[via DailyMail]