Cosmopolitan teaches us how to find what they call "your summer fling" in seven tips that we supposedly don't already know. What we do know is, these tips contradict the very thing lonely women are trying to achieve.

The first four consists of you getting as much attention as you can - "go outside" they say - go EVERYWHERE that guys will be. As long as there's guys there, you're on the right track. But before you go out, says tip number two "dress summer-sexy", wear something skimpy, but not too slutty - something that shows your cleavage and legs. But ass-crack showing is unacceptable.

"That's where the men are: outdoor bars, beaches, golf courses, boardwalks.." and etc. Cosmopolitan says, because they're there to check you (and other chicks) out in your skimpy bikini. "So if you're at the pool, you better be wearing a sexy bikini...but not a G-string." This means you want to get the attention of those perverts who hang around staring at women's boobs.

The next one says, "ditch the entourage", meaning lose those loser guy friends of yours, and go search for someone you can sex that hasn't already been sexed by some other girl in your clan. Then, you have to "work the room brilliantly". This means, that you are forbidden to touchily flirt with one particular dude, because you won't get a chance with other dudes. Oh but wait, you also can't flirt with too many dudes and can only pick one guy - are we missing something here?

Cosmopolitan advises: "(Another) good thing about separating yourself from the pack? You're less likely to wind up dating a guy who one of your friends has already, uh, flung-around with." This means that your friends are all on the loose as well, like you are assumed to be.

Then we're told not to flirt with any one guy because, "you may ruin your chances of hitting it off with another potential guy." Cosmopolitan then contradicts themselves by saying: "Men will think you're insincere - or desperate! - if you're ferociously flirting with every guy you get in front of."

So how can we keep the guy we managed to get the attention of? We have to "stop babbling". No, he doesn't want to hear about anything personal about you - he wants to talk about travelling - something matured, instead of your dress. Also, don't ask him personal questions, because Cosmopolitan says, "The guy needs to feel like you're casually getting to know him, not that you're sizing him up for a relationship." In short: keep everything cool.

Next, you are advised to "make him ask you out", which basically means manipulating him, and "subtly" asking him  to ask you out. That's right - ask him to ask you out. That totally wouldn't come off as whiny and desperate.

After that, you have to "show face" - which means you can't text, call, or email him, remember:
keep everything cool. Cosmopolitan says: "If you keep giving him your attention or are always available online, he's never going to crave you." So what happened to the "go after him" scheme? Apparently this makes him miss you - but it seems more like he might forget who you are.

Sorry, but in order to snag a guy, one doesn't ALWAYS have to: dress sexy; chase men down; ditch friends; not over-flirt (or do over-flirt, we're still unclear about that one); say smart things; manipulate; and not call him.

Although, yes, this advice is useful to some extent and yes, we're being kind-of harsh. But these tips won't always work, and different men respond to different approaches; for example, a guy might feel uncomfortable about being asked by the girl, to ask her out, just so she can save some pride. The problem is, these tips kind of contradict each other, which makes them unclear.

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