So we've all recently familiarized ourselves with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship status by now: which consist of numerous not-so-reliable sources saying that the golden couple is having trouble in paradise.

Jennifer Aniston for her character in her new movie, The Bounty Hunter.

In fact, there have been speculations whether Pitt's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, has been playing a part in the lovers' spat, keeping in touch with him and being his friend and all. Previous reports claim that Jolie has been really pissed off with Pitt's closeness with Aniston.

Now, apparently Jolie has told Aniston to loosen her claws of her man - with text messages demanding Aniston "back off", a report claimed. "Insiders" claim that Jolie had sent the warnings through Pitt's phone, signing them off with her initials, AJ.

Another report also claims that Aniston has been sending presents to Pitt's office, to remain friendly with him should he and Jolie break up.

"Jen is such a thoughtful person," an unnamed "insider" says. "She sends little gifts to his Plan B production offices in LA if she spots something he might like.." The insider adds: "And she'll send him daily motivators [because Jolie is sucking the life out of him, we think] quotes from self-help books she reads about staying positive. It must really lift his spirits."

However, Jolie and Pitt have denied all reports of their relationship being in trouble. But if the reports are true, then we've got an exciting superstarlet-catfight on our hands.

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