Michelle Larcher de Brito beat Klara Zakopalova in the first round at Wimbledon, but there has been rather more discussion about her "grunting" than her tennis game.

Larcher de Brito's grunting seemed "curiously subdued", says The Guardian, and at a post-match press conference, she revealed that Wimbledon officials told her she could be fined if she made too much noise.

"I tried to quieten things down for you guys today," Larcher de Brito said, adding that she would rather get fined than to stop grunting completely. "If my body feels like it needs to grunt more, it grunts. If not, it stays quiet," she said.

However, it seems that Maria Sharapova hasn't given in to the threat of getting fined. In her first fond victory over Viktoriya Kutuzova, she refused to tone down. The Guardian reports:
As a side-show to the actual tennis, we have quite the grunting contest developing between Sharapova and Kutuzova on Court one. Kutuzova's is a little deeper - almost like she's trying to shout the word 'pow' each time she hits it, whereas Sharapova is getting a little hoarse.

Is it really necessary to implement a rule on grunting? Does grunting indeed make players stronger? Do noisier grunts mean more victories?

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