Is there something you don't like about yourself?

How many of us tell ourselves that? At 52kgs I used to tell myself I was way overweight from the 47kgs I was used to. The modeling agency I was working with signed me up at that weight, with a waist of 24 inches. It's been 3 years since my fabulous 24 inch waist, which is now a full 28inch or something, maybe more... boasting mega-hips and a blinding 58kg weight and I feel awful about myself. I'd even been asked if I was expecting a child. The horror!

I am a growing woman - not just in age, and I didn't like the way I was expanding in my life.

Every woman I know has an obsession with weight, size, height, skin, breasts, self-esteem, all sorts. It creates a blackhole of insecurity where everything good gets sucked into this hole of negativity. We're all born stars, but most of us don't feel we deserve to shine. There probably isn't ONE woman who didn't not like a part of herself. It's a womanly thing, and we don't always talk about it. It's embarrassing, and if the thought of our less-than-perfect-body repulses us, what more to point it out to someone else to evaluate and tell you its ok? No. Better to sometimes just zip it up (if you can - haha!) and stop eating. Or something.

The Good Body was a spot-on description of how different women see their bodies, and how they feel about it. Here, the main character's biggest enemy is her stomach, and exercise. She just wants to eat bread, pasta, and pretty much all the scrumptious goodies she lays her eyes on.

This is Eve Ensler's journey, wittily portrayed through six women who played the various parts of Eve, and the people whom Eve had met in the midst of finding herself.

The play started off with an introduction of Eve, in a black tracksuit and cleopatra hair. My first thought was oh no, please don't tell me they're going to just stand there telling a story, under three spotlights. I had to pee and this will not help me! Shortly, the colours of the people Eve began to meet and talk to started spilling onto the stage, which looked like a huge pudding with cream spilling from the top, just as the show began to spill colourful characters from left, right, and centre.

The characters came on with strong voices, clever puns, AMAZING impersonations, knee-slapping comments and I swear at some points it felt as if someone smacked me on the back so hard, a guffaw flew out of me. Almost instantly after each comedic act, it simmers to a more serious consequence, which left me frozen with the 'aww... oh dear' factor.

A series of little sex issues that women experience was thrown onto the stage, seeing older women audiences and their husbands appreciating the humour and reality, and the young ones seeing through a window to their future. It did scare me, the thought of me aging sizeably, and my future husband not jumping hoops for sex with me because I'd have a parachute for a vagina.

As Eve met with more women who were either happy with their bodies or not, she began to feel the strain of trying to be a good person. She felt bad, and just wanted to be good - to be, well, almost perfect.

In the end it's how women perceive their bodies and what we're blessed with. Perhaps its not about finding the perfect body, but being able to balance out life with what we have, taking our bitter parts and using them to make the best of ourselves. It made me feel better about myself, but also missing dinner made my tummy flatter!

Can you imagine how much time we're wasting picking on ourselves? No wonder men look like they don't give a shit about anything and get over things quicker than ladies who feel the constant need to evaluate and attach reasons to what happened, why, how to make it better, when can I reach the finish line. It's tiring!

The Good Body won't make you drop the gym and contribute to obesity, but it would certainly let you look at yourself, and other women around you, to look at your body in a different perspective. For me, I honestly cannot accept my good body yet, and I admit to having major cravings, telling people I go to the gym ever so often (twice in a month), pour naughty drinks down my chimney pipes to kill my liver and braincells, and feel rubbish the next day. I refuse to buy a size up, and cannot do the whole diet thing. I'm too much of a food lover.

While I search for my good body, you should bite your curiosity and treat yourself to 'The Good Body'. You will absolutely love it, and love yourself a little more right after. If not just watch it for the puns, hilarious comments and jokes, and a well-played cast of actors. You won't regret it. Men (as I witnessed) will enjoy it too. Book now - tickets are selling fast!


You might want to grab a bite and hit the loo before taking your seats though. I learnt the hard way.

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