Health precautions: Too careful perhaps?

Children are being made to wear goggles before handling Blu Tack and are forbidden to run in the playground as a health and safety culture sweeps through schools.

A survey of nearly 600 teachers revealed the most restrictive rules being imposed in an attempt to avoid injuries and lawsuits.

Pupils at one school are forced to put on goggles before using Blu Tack to prevent them rubbing the common adhesive into their eyes.

In another, teachers are given a five-page briefing note on the dangers of Pritt Stick before they may use it with their charges.

Generations of youngsters who made things out of empty egg boxes will be dismayed to learn that some schools have banned them for fear of salmonella poisoning.

And many teachers reported bans on footballs, snowball fights, conker games and running in the playground.

The findings emerged days after the Local Government Association urged parents and schools to shake off the 'cotton wool' culture.

It vowed that town halls would not 'bow to the compensation culture' and would build new adventure-playgrounds.

Judith Hackitt, chairman of the Health and Safety Executive, said the examples cited were 'frankly ridiculous'.

[Daily Mail]