Bust up: Liv Taylor had a row with a woman in the street in Los Angeles yesterday who was shouting at a crying baby in a pram

Liv Tyler went livid seeing a woman shouting at a crying baby in a pram, when she was on her way to lunch. A screaming fest ensued as the Lord of the Rings actress, who has a four-year-old son called Milo, entered the war of words with the unknown woman yesterday on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Mind your own business: The argument between the two women was punctuated with a series of pointing fingers and angry facial expressions

Protective: Liv even checked on the crying child and threatened to call police

During the row, which was punctuated with pointing fingers and angry facial expressions, Liv went over and checked on the distressed little girl, before threatening to call police.

Clearly this didn't go down to well with the fuming elderly lady, who was perhaps the child's grandmother or nanny.

Having said her piece, Liv spun on her sandals and walked towards her car while the angry woman continued to point and shout at Liv, probably telling the A-lister to mind her own business.

It should be of no surprise that big-hearted Liv reacted in the way she did.

The stunning brunette has a passionate interest in child welfare and is an active supporter of the charitable United Nations Children's Fund. She also served as spokesperson for the 2004 Givenchy Mother's Day promotion, in support of UNICEF's Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus campaign.

Phew: Following the row the actress calmed down over a relaxing lunch

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