GQ features editor calls Beth Ditto 'fat' and that fashion people are 'stupid' for liking her.

"Beth Ditto is a fat lesbian. She's also a fashion 'icon'." This stunning journalistic scoop comes from the silver-tounged Alex Blimes, features editor of British GQ who, it seems, is not a fan of overweight people. On top of calling the beloved, bold, and, yes, near-spherical lead singer of the Gossip a "porker," he has determined that "fashion people" are, in fact, "stupid" for liking her. The keen-eyed Blimes claims that the prime reason for Ditto's popularity among "wasp-waisted fashion editors" is not her music — "deeply average," he says — but that the pro-anorexia fashion scene needed someone to visually offset the usual beanpoles promoted by the industry.

Oh dear. Well it was too good to be true. Anorexia will never truly 'thin out', as there will always be a demand for the skinny, and the fight for fat. As for me, I fight hard to be anorexic, but I keep growing fat anyway. *shrug*