Jyoti Amge looks like a one-year-old baby from afar, but this little girl is actually 15 years old, standing only1ft 11½in tall, weighing less than a stone. She is the smallest girl in the world.

Jyoti is a pituitary dwarf according to doctors, but they've never been able to pinpoint her condition. Her dwarfism is caused when the body fails to produce enough growth hormone.

"When I was three I realised that I was different to the rest of the kids," she said. "I thought that everyone was bigger and I should get bigger too."

The teen has her own custom-made uniform and schoolbag, and even a tiny desk. She insists on living life as normal as possible despite her size, including going to a local school.

"When I first went to school everyone was so big I used to get scared but I'm okay now, I like it. I have a different desk and chair that were made for me. I'm a normal student.

Jyoti also stresses that she's a normal person: "I am sure there are many people in this world who are dwarfs like me." She added, "I'm just the same as other people. I eat like you, dream like you. I don't feel any different."

She's also like any other teenage girl: "I have a huge collection of dresses. I like to shop for more. Everyone in my family gets things for me. I love make-up and like dressing up like beautiful models."

She's been told by specialists that she will remain the same size for life. But the teen doesn't mind. In fact, this little girl has big plans for her future. Jyoti dreams of becoming an actress some day: "I would like to be an actress when I grow up. My dream is to do films."

Jyoti has already had a taste of stardom in a pop video for Indian star Mika Singh. "They asked her to appear i nthe video for a song on his album," her mother Ranjana Amje said.

However, the girl may have to put a hold on her dreams as she had fractures on both her legs that have never healed. "First I could walk, but I slipped on ice during a holiday and hurt my leg. I find it strange that my legs just don't heal. I don't like it, it causes me pain."

But Jyoti is lucky and has a family giving her their full support and love. "No-one knows why she is so small. Jyoti is small, yet cute, and we love her very much."

Some people even treat the little girl like a goddess. The teen's father Krishan Amge said: "She makes me proud. Lots of saints and spiritual gurus come to see and bless her. They pray for her happiness and long life."

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