We all know by now, that Archie finally proposes to Veronica Lodge instead of Betty Cooper - which seems so unfair because Veronica is a stuck-up mean snob, while Betty is down-to-earth and caring.

So why did Archie choose Veronica over Betty? Mightygodking.com breaks it down to:

1. She is rich. This counts for a lot.
2. She is unpredictable and fun.
3. She doesn’t care much what other people think of her.
4. She is rich, yo.
5. Most importantly, she is not Betty Cooper.

Some people don't understand, what's wrong with Betty? She's the "nice" one and she makes cookies for Archie and helps him with homework. She does charity work without complaining, AND she's hot! So why wouldn't Archie want to marry Betty?

It's easy - the girl is psycho-crazily obsessed with Archie Andrews.

Just look at that - It's insane and stalkerish! She has huge blow-up pictures of him, that she might have taken herself - because some of the photos are "awkwardly cropped". She even has a life-size photo of Archie IN THE SHOWER.

It's not only the photos - Betty even records his voice just so she can have a pretend conversation with him!

If you think that's bad, the teen is like an untamed animal around Archie - until her dad has to hold her back, like a vicious dog on a leash.

Imagine if he told her he loved her - Betty might get a stroke from all the blood rushing to her head at ultra-high speed.

We guess that's the problem with Betty. Unlike Veronica, she has no dignity, no pride. She would be Archie's slave if she had the chance. Veronica on the other hand, carries herself well and brings a challenge for Archie. Then again, the idea of Veronica being smoking hot and filthy rich might be enough for Archie.

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