Or anyone for that matter. A case in point is something I'd like to point out to readers especially because this is Global Child Nutrition month. At this point I am at Unicef's site and here's an excerpt of an article:

Rahera is seven years old and lives in the Kakoji district, about 40 km outside Kabul. She eats her breakfast of bread at around 7 a.m. every morning. One loaf must last Rahera, her parents and two little brothers for three days. There is usually no milk or sugar.

At 10 a.m. Rahera can look forward to receiving a small pack of biscuits at school. Afghan children often cannot concentrate in school because they are so hungry. But Rahera explains that she does not eat all her biscuits herself. “Out of a total of 12 pieces in the pack, I eat only six and bring the rest home and give them to my two little brothers.”

At lunchtime Rahera goes home. Once again, the meal consists only of bread and a cup of tea.  At eight or nine p.m., Rahera’s father comes home from his job as a construction worker, and the family eats dinner together. They usually have bread with some oil and yogurt with a little salt.

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