American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert went out in the open about his sexuality as he was spotted going to a swanky club hand-in-hand with his boyfriend.

UsMagazine reported that Lambert was seen holding hands with his interior designer date Drake LaBry. The pair were apparently being "very flirtatious" at the West Hollywood hotspot Guys & Dolls.

An onlooker said the couple was "dancing very closely together, very flirtatious inside," as they sipped on vodka drinks. The two men weren't the only ones caught up with all the public display - actor Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend actress Abbie Cornish were also reportedly smooching in a booth near the Lambert and LaBry.

Another onlooker said, "It was cute to see two couples - one gay and one straight - acting the same and nobody caring!"

Adam Lambert Hits The Town In Hollywood [MTV]