Here's the story of the couple that jumped to their death at Beachy Head, after their only son passed away.

Sam before (left) and after (right) his accident that left him paralyzed to a wheelchair.

Samuel Puttick was 5-years-old when he died Friday evening of pneumococcal meningitis. His father Neil Puttick, 34, and mother Kazumi Puttick, 44, decided they couldn't face life without him. They then left a typewritten note, drove 150 miles to the East Sussex cliffs and jumped.

Sams body was found in a zipped-up rucksack, alongside his parent's bodies. Another rucksack found nearby was filled with his toys.

The sad part is, Sam was a victim of a car crash when he was only 16 months old, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down, and was confined to a wheelchair. Kazumi was driving, with Sam in the car, and they collided with another vehicle. Kazumi, who worked as a Japanese translator at the Honda plant in Swindon, broke her legs and pelvis, while Sam was left paralyzed.

The family moved out of their cottage to a farm, fitting it with a hospital suite and physiotherapy equipment using insurance money. Neil even gave up his job working for a charity in London, and hired helpers to care for their fragile son.

Sam was unable to breathe by himself and had to be "fed" with oxygen. He had a specially adapted wheelchair that he steered by blowing through an air tube. He was physically disabled, but had a perfectly fine brain.

Neil and Kazumi had extremely high hopes for their son's recovery. In January this year, Neil wrote on a website dedicated to documenting Sam's progress: "As a family we live life now, but I wait for the day that Sam does not have to go through the medical procedures he has to go through every day to keep him alive." He added, "I wait for the day that I hear that there has been a breakthrough."

He wrote, thanking supporters who helped raise £30,000 to buy mobility equipment for Sam: "After everything the incident has taken away from him, his breathing, his movement, his exploration, his independence, you have given him the greatest freedom."

Kazumi, Samuel, and Neil - the previously happy family.

Neighbours of the family say the Putticks seemed to have the "perfect, dream marriage". They were once happy, carefree and lived to love their son.

A spokesman for the Bath and North East Somerset NHS Trust said: "Samuel Puttick had been receiving treatment for pneumococcal meningitis at the Paediatric Intensive Children's Unit at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children." He added, "When it became clear that Sam had no hope of recovery from his severe infection, he was discharged to his family home on Friday, May 29, at his parents request to die peacefully."

Sam was certified dead at his home, around 8pm the same evening. Detective Inspector Ian Williams, of Sussex Police said: "I am satisfied that Samuel's grieving parents Neil and Kazumi appear to have taken their own lives. This is a tragic incident and we extend our sympathies to their family and to the large number of friends and carers affected."

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