Brits are turning to kinky sex which involves bondage to get over the recession blues, a survey revealed. A poll taken over 2,000 Brits showed that a whooping 76% had done some sort of bondage play in the past six months.

The poll-takers say it's not a coincidence the increase has happened alongside recession. Couples seem to be spending more time in the bedroom having kinky sex as a "cheap" form of entertainment. 68% of the love-makers started using restraints like handcuffs, while 18% have started using blindfolds.

Ok, so the survey was actually done by a sex toy retailer, so perhaps the people they surveyed are a little more kinky than the average; but kinky sex surely should make people happier during these tough financial times.

"While I certainly wouldn't suggest going to an S&M party for most couples, playing 'tie-up' privately is definitely a great way to add zest to anyone's sex life," sexpert Travey Cox says. "When one of your is tied-up, you'll tend to try new things in bed, straying away from your predictable love-making path - it's this unpredictability that is the biggest turn on."

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