Yes it came right out of the Archie Comics official blog.

After almost 70 years, Archie, the perpetual teenager will finally choose which girl he really wants and will propose in an upcoming issue:

Archie Comics’ official blog confirmed the epochal news, digging into its cache of exclamation marks to declare: “ARCHIE ANDREWS IS GETTING MARRIED!”

In the story, Archie has finally graduated from Riverdale High School; in fact, he’s five years older and a college graduate. (We told you this was the apocalypse.) He may even have an actual job when he gets engaged.

It sounds unbelievable and I can't wait to get my hands on the issue. We're already prepared to place an order for shipment so we can finally put the "Which will Archie Choose?" question to rest.

I swear at the end of that, if the answer is still "Betty, or Veronica" I will be very upset. I think we all will be.. The guy is 70, is still a teenager, and I've only been able to enjoy it for two decades of my life hoping to see him marry, let alone make a solid decision for once in his life, so can you imagine how pioneer Archie readers would feel?

Finally, Archie will pick either Betty or Veronica [MSNBC]