Deborah Jackson was pushed over her limit by her unfaithful husband, which spawned into her burning down their family home so that her husband Kurt would get nothing from their divorce.

She set the £210,000 detached house on fire hours before its sale was complete. The house was so badly damaged that both of them were left with nothing from their 20-year realationship.

Deborah, a hairdresser, had broken up with 38-year-old Kurt as he'd been having a two-year-affair with a neighbour. He moved out and Deborah, 45, stayed in the marital home with their 17-year-old son. The couple had agreed to sell the house and split the money to clear their debts, Deborah to take more than twice as much as Kurt from the sale.

She ended up taking her husband back before the sale went through. However, Deborah found out the night before the contracts were finalized, her husband was out with was another woman.

Stuffed with anti-depressants, Deborah doused the inside of the house with petrol the next morning, and set it on fire. She went off to her mother's home where she was arrested later.

"It's all because of my husband and what he's done to me. I didn't want him to get a penny. This is what I've been driven to." she told police. Deborah then admitted to arson. Deborah had been going through two years of stress and "emotional turmoil" due to her husband being out of work and having an affair, her lawyer and son said.

Deborah has been given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, with 18 months of supervision. She and Kurt are now, finally divorcing.

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