That's right - if you're Swedish, and you're carrying a baby with the gender that you dislike, you can legally abort it.

It started when a Swedish mother of two girls requested two abortions in a row after knowing the gender of her unborn baby. Doctors of the Mälaren Hospital realized that her decision to abort was based on the discovery of gender, and asked Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare to help them solve their problems.

The board however, found that such requests cannot be refused, and neither can abortions. Medical staff therefore, have to perform an abortion at the request of expecting couples.

This clearly means that if you don't like what you have, you can kill it, destroy it, and have it sucked out of you, then start again in hopes of the desired gender. If you failed yet again, you can just keep getting rid of your unborn child over and over again until you're satisfied with what you have.

I've heard that abortions are a hard thing to go through, primarily for the women, as guilt and emotions overwhelm them. Perhaps making it legal, with the excuse of "unwanted sex of the child" is supposed to make parents feel like they're not doing anything wrong. Aborting a child to ensure its mother's health is protected is one thing; in the sense that it is actually absolutely necessary to save the mother's health, or lessen the risk of the child and mother dying. It's still understandable if young girls abort a child in a state of fear, and lack of financial and social security. But aborting an innocent, healthy child because you don't like its gender is really, downright cruel and selfish.

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