Mothers, grandmothers, expectant mothers, and all kinds of mothers (even if you feel like one to your boyfriend or husband) - Happy Mother's Day from!!

May you enjoy the weekend, although I believe that every day should be mother's day because as our reality begins to fog up into a career driven, money making visual, we should always remember and appreciate the one who got you here in the first place. Yea she suffered to get your little body out here so keep that in mind. Always.

Mothering comes naturally to most women, and it's easily mistaken for nagging. But just remember that mother's always have your best interests at heart and are more often than not worried for your well-being, even if you're a multi-millionaire with property all over the world.

Respect yo mama!! True Story: In Saudi Arabia, some beauty pageants require you to do so!

What have you gotten for mummy this year? Are you going to pamper her?? My mother won't be around for mother's day and I honestly have not picked anything out for her, which is why I'm glad she's out of town so I can do some last minute shopping in the weekend.

I hope you have a great mother's day weekend with lots of mum hugs and smothering love.

Cheers to mothers!

Yours motherfully,
Editor S