At some point in your life, you must have thought you had psychic powers, or at least encountered some personal "psychic" moment. It's when you had that dream that something was going to happen, or when you felt that something was going to happen, and it actually came true some time or another. Or if you haven't, you've probably encountered someone who claims he or she is psychic.

So does this mean people really have psychic powers of the unknown? Perhaps - Dr. Larry Dossey of The Huffington Post says that premonitions, intuition, gut feelings, sixth senses and the like are usually linked to spirituality. No, we're not talking ghosts flying around your head telling you things about the future; we're talking about LOVE.

Dossey tells a story about a young mother, Amanda, who awoke one night at 2.30a.m. from a nightmare. She dreamt of a large chandelier that hung above their baby's crib in the next room fell and crushed their child. In the dream, she and her husband stood at the wreckage, while the clock read 4.35a.m. with rain splattering the windows and howling wind. Amanda was so terrified of the dream that she woke her husband and told him about it. He laughed, told her the dream was silly and asked her to go back to sleep, which he promptly did. However, she was still shaken, so she went to the baby's room and brought her child back to bed with her; the weather was calm, not stormy like in the dream. Amanda felt silly, until two hours later, when she and her husband were awoken by a loud crash. True enough, the chandelier had fallen and crushed the baby's crib. The clock read 4.35a.m. and Amanda noticed that it was windy and raining heavily outside. This time, her husband was not laughing.

Dossey writes:
Love appears dramatically as a mediator of premonitions in sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, the abrupt, unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby between one and twelve months of age. Premonitions are a recurring feature in the experiences of SIDS parents.

Another example is a physician, Don. He had sensed that his infant son would die ever since the first trimester of his wife's pregnancy, having thoughts of SIDS. The day before his son died, Don heads a voice similar to his own say repeatedly, "Take a good look. This is the last time you will see him." Don's wife then planned a flight with the baby to visit her parents in another state, unaware of Don's fears. As he sent his wife and child to the airport, he had nagging feelings to go back and get his son. He knew his baby would die during the trip, and he ignored his feelings. Early next morning, his wife called, hysterical, because their son had died. He later found out that his aunt had similar apprehensions about the baby.

Looking back, Don said, "The process has been a shock to me since I knew before-hand this [death] was going to happen. The only thing I didn't know was when and where... I have no idea of its meaning. The only thing I can say is that perhaps if I would have listened to 'my heart' many mishaps could have been prevented... I think people have the ability to perceive things and give it a purposeful meaning which can be used for any future event."

Apparently, many parents of SIDS experience strong dreams, visions, or feelings of their infant's death or near-death.
There are other benefits that are profoundly spiritual. Premonitions open us up to each other and to the greater world. As mentioned, they show that we are part of something larger than the individual self, that we are an element in the great "pattern that connects," as ecologist-philosopher Gregory Bateson put it. Premonitions suggest that we are linked with every consciousness that has ever existed, or that will ever exist.

So, if your gut feelings are screaming something out to you, don't ignore it. Love is a strong spiritual connection people have with one another.

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