Recently, Oprah interviewed a woman from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, who referred to herself as a "working professional woman" instead of what many people would call "a prostitute".

Why is that? Well, Oprah discovered that her job involves a lot more than just sex. Brooke, the working girl, explained the concept of the girlfriend experience, which she basically acts as the client's girlfriend for the day.

She also stories about the time she was paid by a man to pretend to be his nagging wife. Yes, she was paid to nag him, be jealous, and at the end of the night, the man slept with his "mistresses", not her. Kinky sex fantasy? Perhaps not. Brooke said that the man, unmarried, wanted to know what it felt like as he always hears his coworkers complaining about their nagging wives.

Oprah Learns About The Ins 'N Outs Of Legal Prostitution [Jezebel]