Barbie has sexy tattoo with her boyfriend's name on it.

Our all-time favourite innocent Barbie has dirtied it up, and gone under the needle to keep up with the times!

In conjunction with her 50th birthday, Barbie has been given a set of tattoos, like Cheryl Cole and Amy Winehouse - two heavily tattoed celebrities. The doll's makers, Mattel, insist that this unexpected makeover will bring Barbie and her brunette equivalent Nikki up to date. However, they chose to keep Ken's skin ink-free so far.

Of course, this move would have brought about the angry critics, who say the dolls will further encourage the sexualisation and rebellion of young girls. Ed Mayo, chief executive of the watchdog Consumer Focus, said that parents "will be dismayed" as their children might want to get tattoos themselves.

It's easy to see why critics and parents might be worried; the dolls come with temporary tattoos for the children themselves. Mayo added that "A multi-million-pound industry is now targeting children and the cynic would say that Mattel is simply courting controversy in order to give Barbie more of an edge."

Mattel has faced a couple of controversies in the past, once in 1999 when a Barbie with a tattoed belly came out, and once when a pregnant Barbie was produced.

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