For some reason, a Daily Mail reporter decided to match Chantal Biya by poofing her hair up to the (almost) same poofy, lion mane-like hair style.

Claire Coleman writes, "Standing in the middle of London's Kings Road, I'm struggling to get into a taxi. It's not because I've got too much luggage: it's because I've got too much hair."

Coleman then proceeds to, what seems to be, insult Biya's hair:
For Mrs Biya has hair that screams: 'You can keep your just-got-out-of-bed look! This pile took five men, three days, several gallons of hairspray and an industrial wind machine to create. And don't you forget it.'

She found out that it takes plenty of time to build and shape the huge wisps of hair, plenty a hairspray and plenty of patience.

But apparently this particublar look is no one-off, special occasion number. Oh no. Mrs Biya, it transpires, is renowned in her home country for her big hairdos and this, her signature style, is known as the 'banane' or 'banana'.

I'm utterly at a loss to understand what bananas have to do with this genetically enhanced soufflé.

Maybe it's because you could hide several bunches underneath it. Semantics aside, if I was to get even close to recreating Mrs Biya's extraordinary look, it was time to bring in the experts.


Then, she discovered what it feels like to be Biya (sort of), with her big hair all done up;

As I stepped out of the salon, I heard a loud whistle. 'Oi! Siouxsie Sioux called - she wants her look back,' yelled one man from across the street, clearly more au fait with the fashions and pop stars of the late Seventies than with hairstyles of African First Ladies.

I had been prepared to feel like a complete berk. But there's something about big hair that just gives you a bit of va-va-voom. Maybe that's why Chantal Biya looked so disdainfully at Sarah Brown in those photographs.

She felt utterly embarrassed in the public eye, and couldn't get into a taxi without squashing her "beautiful banana". She didn't get the glory and "va-va-voom" she had hoped for.
We all know now, that nobody, not even an experimenting writer like Coleman, can take away Chantal Biya's hairy lion throne.

Big hair is back so how did our writer cope when she copied Chantal Biya's style? [Daily Mail]