If you want your kids to be aware of worldly causes, don't use guilt or lectures. Instead, help instill a sense of empathy and wonder in them. This guide can help you work with your child's compassion for animals, the planet, and other kids.

Wild Animals
It's easy for kids to imitate and appreciate wild animals. So you can play into these natural tendencies and seek out charitable opportunities involving wild animals like lions, tigers, giraffes and such.
Many zoos around the world offer "adopt a species" or "adopt an animal" program. Funds help provide services to zoo animals, and in exchange, families receive a personalized certificate, color photo and fact sheet about their animal.
If there are no nearby zoos for you, you can "symbolically adopt" an animal with organizations like the World Wildlife Fund. Families can give just $25 (and receive a photo and certificate) or up to $250 (receiving a plush animal, framed certificate and photo, gift box and gift bag), with proceeds going towards WWF’s general animal conservation efforts.

Domestic Animals
Kids adore dogs, cats and barnyard animals (provided they are have not been traumatized by any before). A child can learn of the need for care of animals (and lose their fear or resentment of them) as they learn to feed, pet and groom your family pet.
You take your child to visit animal shelters like the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Websites and computer programs for kids which educate them of animals needs and care, with cartoons and jokes.

The Environment
Many kids love outdoor and recreational activities. As they wonder what happens to the world, it's easy for them to worry about climate change, endangered forests and care of resources like water and air.
The non-profit Rainforest Action Network set up a site just for kids, the Rainforest Heroes. This site helps to entertain and educate children, making them aware about the environment.

Your child might have previously been exposed to health problems in other family members or friends, or perhaps himself or herself. Get your child involved in a race or fundraiser for a favourite health-related charity relay.

You have to make your children aware about the importance of education. Kids know to choose education over being homeless. Let your child know that there are millions of needy children around the world who don't get the opportunities of education, raising your child's awareness of himself or herself, as well as others around the world.

Social Justice
Turn the "it's not fair" battle into something more meaningful. Help your children become aware of poverty around the world and teach them of fairness and equality.

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