Obama's Kenyan step-grandmother is getting some unwanted attention from a Christian church trying to convert the 87-year-old Muslim:
The Seventh Day Adventist church in the western town of Kisumu had invited 87-year-old Sarah Obama -- a Muslim -- to a function on Saturday, where she was allegedly to be baptised...

"I regret the attempt by the Christian religion to force her to convert," Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa, the organising secretary of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, told AFP.

"Why only her? Why not before Obama became president? Didn't they see her before he became president? We are ready to protect our religion," he said.

Ever since Barack Obama visited his step-grandmother in Kenya while he was a US Senator, Sarah Obama has been making international headlines. She attended her step-grandson's inauguration in Washington, DC this January.

Source: Sarah Obama, Obama's Step-Grandmother, Christian Conversion Target Claim Kenyan Relatives [The Huffington Post]