The "In The Know" group from The Onion news channel has a serious discussion about pornography and it's "wrong" teachings of sex to children.

Their problem with pornography is not the issue of objectifying women and sexuality, and not about the increasing number of perverts in world, but rather it's the lack of education for childrens' sake. (In the first place, we must ask: How and Why are children watching porn in the first place? But no - that is not discussed)

Instead, they focus on the misconception (so they say) children get, screaming out, "Children exposed to pornography may expect sex to be enjoyable!"
"We expect pornographers to teach children the reality of sex" says the smart-looking balding guy. Yes Mr.Specky, pornographers should take into account their below 18 audience and at the end of the show exclaim, "IT IS MORE PAINFUL THAN IT LOOKS." "CALL HER AFTERWARDS," or "BEWARE: TRAUMA". Another of the discussers also claims that, "sex leaves you numb and shivering for days," perhaps recounting her own sexual experiences...

Also, apparently Grand Theft Auto fails to educate children about the "emotional side of killing whores," and makes children think that picking up whores is easy. My, my, what is the world coming to? Oh wait, "There is no love in the world," says Mr.Specky, "Only pain."

Study: Children Exposed To Pornography May Expect Sex To Be Enjoyable