Noise pollution: also known as environmental noise that is annoying, distracting, or physically harmful, also known as sound pollution. It's not only man-made machines that cause sound pollution, it's man themselves, basically us.

There was one incident where I had to write an important article, due at 8a.m. the next day, and I was busting open my head trying to come up with arguements and points. It was already 11p.m. and my head was pulsating when suddenly I could hear a couple from a nearby house screaming and shouting at each other, fighting. The noise was so bad that even shutting the windows wouldn't help. Worst of all, I could hear every single word they were saying - "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT YOU SON OF A...!!!!!"

Reason number one why shouting is not encouraged - the whole world can hear you even if it's in your own house, or in public. If it's an embarrassing and uncomfortable fight, it's going to make things awkward for the neighbours, children or other family members, and people around you. They wouldn't know whether they should be calling the cops or an ambulance for that matter. Everybody would know that you're fighting and even more embarrassingly, what you are fighting about. It would add to the embarrassment if a third party comes up and asks, "Is everything alright? Is this man bothering you, maam?" which would most likely turn more ugly and physical. If it's shouting to get somone's attention, it doesn't make it less annoying either.

Reason number two - poor innocent people like me, who enjoy the golden silence for the sake of doing work, studying or sleeping, get affected. Because of these shouting people (this applies to non-fighting shouting people as well, especially if it's late at night and you have those drunkards prowling around shouting and singing) other people cannot get enough sleep or cannot concentrate, and this is terribly irritatting and stressful. Nobody wants to hear somebody singing out of tune and going "SHHHHHHH YOU'RE MAKING SO MUCH NOISE!! HAHAHA!!!" at 3 in the morning.

This also amounts to the respect people need to have for others. Shouting in public annoys other people. Nobody likes to have anybody shouting in their ears when they're riding the bus after a hard days' work or after they've just woken up to go to work. Be careful about shouting in public because one day some irritated thug with no anger control might beat you up. Also many a times we encounter people gabbing loudly on ther cellphones in public areas. Two reasons why this should be avoided: (1) everybody is forced to hear your conversation. (2) The other person on the line, directly recieving your piercing shouts in his or her ear, is probably going deaf, eardrums bleeding and all.

So turn your volume down, especially in awkward and embarrassing situations to maintain the peace and harmony of the world. Do this as a start to save your eardrums from all that other man-made noise pollution.