We've all got our little bad habits and some of us are exceptionally more comfortable with our bodies, that no matter what we do or where we go, our confidence provokes us to 'be ourselves' and as long as we're happy that's okay.

No. It's not okay. Not everything you do in public is acceptable or should be accepted by other people - especially in view of men who expect women to be lady-like.

If you find yourself complaining to your flock of girlfriends about how you can't get a man or why people have been bitching about you for being yourself maybe it's time to re-evaluate your public behaviour:

1. Apply Full Make-Up in Full View Of Strangers

Refreshing your lip gloss after a meal is one thing, but putting your whole face on while riding the bus, or subway is so not cool. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier, and do your makeup before you leave your apartment. A woman has to retain a little mystique, you know.

2. Adjust Your Skimpy Underwear

If it’s so uncomfortable in the first place that you have to dig in places you really shouldn’t, maybe it’s time to switch to underwear with a little more coverage, hmm?

3. Sit Cross-Legged While Wearing a Skirt

We're talking about sitting on the floor here. Just don't. It's juvenile and opens way too windows to your ahem... soul private section.

4. Show Off Your Midriff

It's so not classy and totally went out of fashion decades ago. A lady should never wear mid-riff tops, even if she has the best set of abs and washboard belly.

5. Talk on Your Phone in a Public Bathroom or Dressing Room

Bathrooms and dressing rooms are sort of like Vegas. What happens in them should stay in them, and you with your phone broadcasting every sound to God knows who and subjecting the rest of us to some insane conversation should really be kept till later - when you're out and beyond close proximity of other women you don't know.

6. Ask Your Partner or Spouse If They Love You

It’s uncomfortable for them; it’s uncomfortable for us. Save your strange pillow talk for when you’re horizontal.

7. Tweeze Errant Hairs or Pop a Pimple

While we understand the temptation of removing any evidence that you’re less than perfect, doing so in public not only underscores your imperfections, it makes you look, well, kinda nasty.

8. Criticize Your Partner or Spouse

Sure, they may deserve it—especially if they’re treating a waitress like crap or ogling other people, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and in public where everyone can hear your private conversation is embarrassing for you and for everyone around you.

9. Adjust the Girlies

We’ve all been there before: a breast slips below your underwire or squeezed its way towards your armpit, but until you find a private spot, resist the urge to reach into your bra and readjust.

10. Pee All Over the Toilet Seat

If you do happen to have bad aim, remember the old adage: If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat! Otherwise, learn to pee neatly and resist the urge to stand and pee - options are wiping the seat before you sit on it, or lacing it with tissue paper. Peeing on the toilet seat is a truly gross habit.