So you love taking challenges? If yes, then read more because we have enlisted some 24 hour challenges which you could take. YouTube challenges are not only fun but it boosts up your mind. It is also one of the best ways to make your channel go viral. People like to see a video which is funny and to make such a video you need to undertake some challenge. Before that read few reasons to take the challenges. 

Reasons to take the 24-hour challenge-

Bring people closer- you might have never thought that a simple video can bring the people together and close enough. But the truth is yes it does bring people close enough. No matter it is a friend or a fan with anyone you can easily build up the bond.
Bonus points- when your followers respond to you and you clear their queries and tell them about the upcoming challenges you get the bonus points and profits. In this way, you can get big prizes and giveaways.  
Collaborate with others- on YouTube there are lots of YouTubers present. Challenges are the best way to collaborate with different people and make a strong bond which further makes you and your channel to go viral and within a short time you become a superstar.

So these are the most appealing reasons to try out 24-hour challenge. To know more about what these challenges are, keep reading.

Here we have enlisted some of the funniest and popular challenges which you can try and upload on your channel. You can do these challenges with your friends, family members or yourself. Also, you can make some punishment for the ones who lose the challenges and this will make the game more fun and exciting.

Challenge No. 1

Guess the food challenge-

Candy cane challenge- in this challenge you have to buy a bunch of different flavored candies and blindfold the contestants then you have to ask them to taste the candy canes and they have to guess the flavor. One who gives the more correct answer will be the winner of the challenge. This is one of the easiest as well as funniest YouTube challenges which you can try.
Popsicle challenge- this is another best YouTube challenge that allows testing of your taste buds. In this, one has to prepare different flavors of popsicles and here also contestant who guesses most of the flavor correctly will be the winner.
Chicken nugget challenge- if you and your friend are food lover then you can take the chicken nugget challenge. This is a bit more challenge game as here someone will buy the chicken nuggets from various places of the city. You and friends have to guess from where these chicken nuggets have been bought. You can try the same challenge with French fries or coffee, etc.
Oreo challenge- birthday cake, lemon Oreo, pumpkin spice, guesses the flavor! This is also one of the best challenges to try with your friends. You can bring a variety of flavors of Oreos as well as something to blindfold it.
Starbucks challenge- this challenge can fit any type of YouTube channel. You need to get someone who will go to the Starbucks and will bring a few things from the Starbucks menu and then contestant who is blindfolded has to taste the drinks and guess it.

Other Youtube challenge

Singing gargle challenge- this challenge does not require any prop. You can try it with a friend or family. Can make groups and play this game. One who answers most of the right answer is the winner.
Not my arms- in this 24-hour challenge a person stay behind you and show only his/ her arms, and pretend that the arm is yours. These fake hands perform a few tasks. The popular challenge is to do makeup with fake arms or do to cooking. One who does makeup or cooks the food properly is the winner.
Egg roulette challenge- this is also the funniest challenge. You will need 8 hard-boiled egg and 4 raw eggs. Players have to choose one egg at a time and crack it on their head. The person who cracks two raw eggs on their heads first loses the game. In this challenge, your head may get messy if you are unlucky but it is the funniest challenge.

Chubby bunny challenge- 

This game was first seen in ‘what’s with Andy’ cartoon.  Put a marshmallow in a mouth and speak out -chubby bunny. The goal is to fit too many marshmallows and speak the same thing. One who cannot add anymore marshmallow or is unable to say the word is a loser.

Try not to laugh game- the name itself tells about the game. One has to remain serious while other person tickles or tries to make you laugh. This challenge can be played with friends and family. It is safe, fun as well as an easy challenge.
Yoga challenge- another best 24-hour challenge is a yoga challenge. You have to make yoga poses which seem easy but in reality, are very challenging. Make sure don’t get hurt while playing this game.
The whisper challenge- this game is popular as Timmy Fallon used to play this game at their home. One has to put the noise-canceling headphone on and other person picks a card and read out the phrase. The person with headphone has to guess the phrase correctly.

So we have told you the different 24-hour challenge in this article. All of these challenges are safe and can be played with anyone. You will surely have fun and also you will see some of the great benefits of playing these games. One can have many followers and subscribers to their YouTube challenges when they post these funny challenge videos and interact with other people. You can even become social site celebrity within a short time by accepting fun challenges and making videos which are more appealing to the viewers.