Wok is a utensil that is mostly used to cook Chinese food. It is really common to use a wok to prepare dishes from the Chinese cuisine. It is so because that in a wok the heat spreads evenly due to its wide surface area. They are perfect for stir frying things as they use minimum oil to do so. We will talk about how you can look for the best Woks on the Market.

What material should a wok be made of

Cast iron

A wok does not come in a single type or material. The traditional wok is made from cast iron; this kind of wok has its advantage as cast iron is thick and it retains heat for longer and it cooks food evenly. The problem with this kind of wok is that is oxidizes easily and has to be taken care of properly.

Carbon steel

This is one the highly recommended materials for a wok. This type of wok is endorsed by professional Chinese chefs. It also allows you to cook food evenly and is easier to heat up. The wok is also very easy to take care of as it does not rust and also has a non-stick surface that makes it very easy for inexperienced cooks to prepare food in it.


A wok made of aluminum is very light as aluminum is a very light metal. This makes it easy to use and as aluminum is a good conductor of heat which makes it a good wok. The downside of getting this type of wok is that it is not durable at all.

Size and type of wok

The size of a wok is merely a personal choice as it does not make a difference. Even though it is important to keep in mind the size of stove you have at home and that the wok you buy fits on it. The size should also be decided by considering the size of portions you want to prepare in the wok. The type of wok is also heavily dependent on what kind of stove you own. There are two types of woks; flat bottom and round bottom. Round bottom wok is the traditional wok and it fits on a gas stove well and will not work properly on an electric stove. If you want a wok that works on both gas and electric stove, you should go for a flat bottom.

Other considerations to be made

There are other things that you can decide on when buying a wok are such as should it be non-stick or not which depends on if you want to cook with less oil or not. You should also consider deciding if you want a lid for your wok or not. A lid makes it easier for you to simmer your food or that cook it evenly by retaining the heat in the wok only.