Travel is one of those things that we always value and strive to have as much as possible, as it inspires us, enriches our knowledge, customs and culture. When you have children with you, traveling becomes much harder and difficult, as you need to take care of them as well as all of their things and equipment. 

In all that rush of preparing everything up, it is easy to forget something, especially when you have to finish a task from work, assignments to write, write an essay or any other writing job that could be done by the professional writers at The list of the accessories that you must not forget stretches up endlessly but we managed to cut down the list to 15 items, and we decided to share with you. 

Ergobaby Carrier 
While stroller comes in handy when your toddler gets tired, it is a bit robust and hard to take it with you. That is where Ergobaby 360 Carrier steps in as it allows you to take your baby on your back or chest while she/he is sleeping. It offers good protection from sun and rain, while you can breastfeed your toddler discreetly.

3D Lite Stroller 
Yes, you are going to need a stroller so why not choose the one that is easily foldable, easy to carry and lightweight? It is very durable so it is worth investing as it will help you with your travel. Easy maneuvering and aluminum frame allow you convenient and safe ride for your kid, while you still enjoy the travel and walk.

Folding Potty Seat 
Avoid being caught in the middle as you never know when your kid will want to poop. It packs in a small bag, it takes a few seconds to unpack it and place it on the public toilet seat, making it very convenient and useful. It is easy to clean and transport, so don’t forget this extraordinary item for your kids.

Pop And Sit Portable Booster
Having a problem with making a comfortable and safe seat for your baby while you are having a good meal in a restaurant on the coast of Calabria? The lightweight and folding frame of this chair makes it perfect for your daily picnics or even launches in restaurants, as the majority of these do not offer the chairs for infants.

The Lullababy 
Would you like to have a piece of equipment that makes you baby transport and diaper change easier and free-of-germs? The Lullababy is exactly what you need, as it is convenient for carrying, while it gives you enough space to transport and clean your boy. You will avoid public bathroom wall changers and eliminate the possibility of getting your baby infected with germs.

Tablet With Cartoons And Games
Yes, the new age of kids just know how to use electronic devices in order to have fun. An iPad, for example, works just fine, as it can store enough video material to keep your toddler occupied. The feature of white noises (sounds of waves at a beach or raining) is another feature that you get, which can calm down your baby and make it fall asleep. So why should you give them a tablet in a nutshell? There are three simple reasons:
- They will have a good time, watching something cool
- You will have time to organize your travel
- You can rest and lay down a bit while they are having fun

Baby Spiderman Headphones 
No need to explain why these are a fantastic item. The Spiderman model eliminates the possibility of volume control, so your baby could not turn the volume up too much and damage its hearing. They have a pad to make it more comfortable.

Bath Tub Chair
Bathing your kid can be a demanding, especially when you traveled the whole day. Baby bathtub chair makes this process easier, as your baby can sit easily in a tub while you are bathing it, without the possibility that it might slip out of your hands as it is wet and slippery.

Liquid Soaps
They are easy to carry on and provide good protection from bacteria. You will often need these to clean the hotel utensils or wash your/baby bottles. They will not cause any allergy or problem to your darling, so they are safe.

Baby Wipes
Do not start your journey without this item! Being as much as you can, as you will definitely need those. Buy convenient packages that do not take a lot of space in your luggage.

Themed Bandages and Bonks
It is a must, as you never you know when your baby could get a bruise from a neglected playing and jumping. Spiderman, Batman or Superman themes will be great as they are colorful and you can invest a million of stories to justify why your kid has to wear those.

Prepare A Lot Of Interesting Bedtime Stories
They just love the bedtime stories! Make sure you prepare enough of them, so they could have various different stories.

Sun Protection Creams
Buy at least three bottles, with the highest sun protection factor, to be sure that your little girl will not suffer from the sunburns. Keep always one in your bag so you can reach it out fast.

Baby Monitoring Systems
As you are going to the baby’s unfamiliar place, you might want to take on with you. It allows you to enjoy in travel, while you are having a real-time monitoring system of your baby in case she/he starts crying.