There are many reasons to use a lubricant as well as certain types that are better for certain play. When buying a personal lubricant from LubeZone for a fun filled adult play night one should consider the reasons behind why they are buying one. In order to choose the best lubricant for play time knowing the material of adult toys that will be used is key. Knowing about skin sensitivities on all partners also helps determine what lube may be best. 

Pay close attention to ingredients, some lubes have added scent to them or things like ginger that help create a warming sensation when used. Knowing what is in a lubricant is important if you have a known allergy, private areas have a more sensitive skin and much more delicate. The skin in our private parts may not be able to handle a lubricant the same as other areas of skin.  Read reviews of brands and types of lubricants to help support your purchase before buying.  

Water-Based Lubricants
Water based lubricants are most commonly used as they are usually hypoallergenic, water-based lubes are also more versatile.  The use of a water-based lubricant is great for many scenarios as well as safe play for even silicone toys. 

Water based lubricants are less likely to have a sticky feeling, they make for a good slippery feel. Water based lube is also one of the easier lubricants to wash off. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth after as well. 

Oil-Based Lubricants
These lubricants give a long-lasting feel and often don’t need a lot of these types. A little goes a good distance. Many oil-based lubricants have a deep conditioning for the skin to leave a skin with a health benefit after use. Oil based lubricants are a thicker substance and allow for the skin to really be coated well. This is ideal for anal play. Oil based lubricants can be used with water based and when used together they offer a more natural feel as well as last for longer periods of time. This is great so that there is no need to stop mid play to add more. 

The problems that may be encountered with oil-based lubricants are that they are not to be used a long side latex condoms or toys. Also, an oil-based lubricant is going to take more to wash away which could lead to a fall in the bath. Always practice safety in all aspects of adult play. 

Silicone Lubricants
Silicone lubricants have a long-lasting effect. It is a thinner lubricant than oil based, has a water-based feel with lasting effects like oil based. It can be used while in water which can make for some very fun play time.  Silicone based lubricants are great for anal play as they are long lasting also.  This type of lubricant is delicate for sensitive skins but can pose some issues for allergies. 

Silicone lubricants are great for play; however, many adult toys are made of a silicone base and the two do not go well together. Silicone lubricants can cause break down on a silicone toy which is not something you want when you have fun time.