Many people look forward to opening the larger gifts under the tree, but it can be just as fun to look inside your stocking. Regardless of age, your loved ones should be equally as excited to opening these ten inexpensive stocking stuffers. 


This present is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Candy will easily fill up their stocking and satisfy their cravings. Select their favorite kind of candy, or maybe take a more seasonal approach. Candy canes, gold coins, and coal-shaped chocolate are fun and festive options that will spruce up their Christmas morning.    

Self-Care Items

Those closest to you deserve to have relaxing days and treat themselves. Aromatherapy candles, bath bubbles or bath bombs, and nail kits are just a few things they could use to give themselves a DIY spa day. Perfumes, cologne, lotions, and hair care products also make great presents.   

Even simple hygiene products will certainly be appreciated and regularly used. A few staples include: 




Headphones are something that most people already have, but another pair is always useful. Whether you go corded or wireless, anyone will appreciate this easy present. 

If you are shopping for someone more old-fashioned, consider CDs by their favorite artists. They can use them in players at home or in their cars.   

Cooking Utensils

If they are particularly fond of baking or cooking, kitchenware makes a great gift. You probably won’t be able to fit a blender or pan in a stocking, but things like whisks or spatulas will be much appreciated. 

Even things like spices or interesting ingredients can help inspire them to make new dishes they normally wouldn’t. New silverware or placemats are also great and will help give their kitchen and dining room a cohesive look. 

Gift Cards  

They might not be the most creative present, but gift cards are a great last-minute stocking stuffer. Load up a card to their favorite coffee shop with a few bucks. Maybe even throw in a portable, reusable cup that they can use on their future coffee runs. 

Craft Materials

For the artist of your group, get them the supplies of their choice. Someone who is into crafts could always use new crayons, markers, paints/paint brushes, or colored pencils.   

Articles of Clothing

Help keep your loved ones warm during the season with a pair of gloves, a scarf, or a cute hat. You will be giving them a practical gift that they can add to their winter wardrobe.  

Movie Tickets

If they have been dying to see the latest new blockbuster, this is the gift for them. Get one for yourself or give them an extra ticket to take someone with them. They will appreciate that you are giving them a chance to make new memories. 

If they aren’t big movie-goers, consider buying some theatre candy and microwave popcorn. They will be able to have a nice movie night at home while being spared the expense of movie theatre concessions, crowds, and crying babies. 

Customized Items

If the person you are shopping for is a proud business owner, get them something that helps show off their brand. Use a company (such as Printkick promotional merchandise) that creates customizable items such as pens and mugs. Your loved one will appreciate that you are supporting them in their endeavors.

You can even use these kinds of services to print things unrelated to business matters. If you have a great design idea for a bag or notebook but can’t find it for sale, you have the power to create it yourself.  Few gifts are as convenient and personal. 

Gag Gifts

Loved ones with a sense of humor with especially appreciate a good gag. Get them a toy like a fidget spinner or a quirky book to read. They might not be the most practical gifts but will definitely put a smile on their face.