Buying a land can sometimes be a daunting task. In most cases it is especially when you are buying a land in Lagos or anywhere in Nigeria. There is the fear factor of being duped of your money. Sometimes, it is a question of if you would get value back for your investment. Other times, it is whether you are making the right decision or not.

Whichever the reasons are, there are certain things you need to consider or know before buying a land anywhere in Nigeria. Real estate transactions require time, sometimes stressful, and it is most times dependent on your approach. One common mistake people make is that they do not ask questions before going into these transactions.

Either you are a beginner or a real estate pro, there are few things to consider before buying a land in Nigeria. The aim of this article is to serve as a guide on how to buy a land in Lagos or Nigeria as a whole. Below are 6 questions to ask before buying a land in Nigeria.

What is the Location like?
In real estate, the importance of location of any real estate property cannot be overemphasized. It is one major factor that determines the value of your property, either as a buyer or seller. It is, therefore, important when you are buying a land that you consider the location. Whether you are buying a land for personal (residential) or commercial (investment) purpose, the location cannot be undermine. 

If it is for a residential purpose, ask yourself if you want to live in the area? That is, is it where you will want your dream house and will you still love to live there in 10 years time? Aside from this, the location determines the price you will be paying for buying a land in the particular area. For instance, the price of a land in Lekki is not the same as the one in Ketu.

Another consideration should be if you are buying a land for commercial purpose. A good location determines how much your property will be worth in future. Ask yourself what the particular area will look like in the future. Is it somewhere people will soon start migrating to or a location that is on the decline?

What Is the Size of the Land?
When buying a land, you already have an idea of what you want to build on it. In most cases, it is what people like to call their dream home. weather it is your dream home or not, is the land you intend to buy big enough for the ideas you have? One thing is buying a land, another thing is buying a land that fits the plan you have. 

So, what is the size of land you need? Is the size the same with what the land seller says it is? This is where your knowledge of different land sizes come into play. You can learn more about land sizes in Nigeria here.

Is The Land Accessible?
The question above is as clear as it can be, is the land accessible? Truly, the goal is to buy a land, but buying a land that is accessible saves you from future headaches. It may seem unimportant but very necessary that you consider this. It shouldn't be after you have paid for the land that you then discover it does have good road leading to it. 

Before making payments, ask yourself and people, am I buying a land with good road network? There are cases of people who have to park two bus stops away because the road to their homes are bad. Knowing if the land is accessible saves you from such stress.

What Is the Price of The Land?
It is important that you ask this question. How much is the land selling for? This is obvious because you will definitely be making payments. The price of the land should also be in line with your budget. Having an idea of the price is a good step to buying a land.

One key factor that determines the price of land is the location. That said, you also want to know if you are not being overpriced. This is why it is important that you know the price, that way, you can compare prices. You can compare prices with people who bought land in the area. is another easy way to find and sell properties and you can also compare prices of the listings.

What's The Neighbourhood like?
As mentioned earlier in the article, buying a land in Lagos can either be stressful or not depending on your approach. Knowing more about the land saves you a whole lot of stress - physically, mentally and financially. It is not just having the money to pay.

Ask, what is the neighbourhood like? Is it somewhere you want temporarily and would want in the future? If you are looking to raise kids, is it where you want to raise your kids? Health wise, is the area conducive for living or any other purpose? All these are questions that need answers when you decide to buy a land.

The security of the area is another factor you want to consider. How secure is the area? Is a safe place for living or investing? If you are buying a land to build your dream home, ask yourself how secure the area is. You don't want to end up buying and building a house in a place you won't be able to sleep. 

Are The Necessary Documents in Place?
This is no doubt the most important question or thing to consider when buying a land. It is not just about loving the area or the idea of becoming your own landlord, are the legal documents for the land?

After which you must have pick the particular land to buy, ask for the legal documents. Ensure that the land is genuinely registered. This way you are assured of not being duped. If the land seller cannot provide the necessary documents, it is a red flag to end the transaction.

The documents you should ask for include the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O), Survey Plan, Deed of Assignment, Excision and Gazette among others. These document guide you in order to know if a particular land is under government acquisition or not. Also, they serve as guide on what the land can be used for.

There you have it. The above are some of the important questions to ask before buying a land. Now, you are a step closer to becoming your own landlord.