You selected some good Gold Bangle designs in 20 grams in your jeweller's website and went to store to buy the best one. You even brought and came back home. But have you ever wondered whether the jewellery you are bringing is solid gold or gold filled? That piece of jewellery may look like solid gold but that may turn put to be gold filled. Therefore, it is very important to know how to differentiate between solid gold- and gold-filled jewellery.

What is gold filled jewellery and what is solid gold jewellery?
Gold filled jewellery is made by casing a very thin gold sheet all around the base made from another material like nickel or brass. For attaching heat is used. The gold-filled jewellery is similar to gold plated items, although gold plated jewellery has very thin gold plating. But in the other hand, solid gold jewellery is made completely from only one material, mostly an alloy that consists of gold mixed with other metals for making the compound hard and durable.

Do you want to know how to differentiate between gold filled and solid gold?
Gold markings: The solid gold jewellery is mostly stamped with karat number only. On the other hand, the gold-filled pieces have markings but also contains some additional letters or number that will indicate that the particular piece is gold filled.

But in case if there is no marking in both, then, in that case, it will not be a good idea at first place to buy such a jewellery. But if you have already bought it its gold quality can be tested by performing an acid test by scratching the surface of the item to get gold filling and then doing acid test for determining karat. But it may leave some scratches on the surface. Therefore, this method is not recommended if you don't want any kind of scratches in your jewellery's times the gold-filled jewellery comes with manufacturer's warranty and in that case the outer gold layer the piece of jewellery will last only for certain period of time. If it gets wasted within the warranty period then the manufacturer may again repair the outer gold layer part by either giving another layer or by just repairing it or polishing it.

There are vast gold chain models for ladies but choosing the best one among them is the toughest decision. Apart from perfect design other factors that should also be considered are the quality, how long it will last, is it worth the money you are spending and many more things' matter how much time you have to spend in a jewellery store, you should always choose the perfect one.

Knowing how to differentiate between a gold filled jewellery and a solid gold jewellery will assist you a lot in making the right choice for you.