In case you’ve been feeling overworked, underpaid and utterly bored at your current position, the thought of changing your career must have crossed your mind more than once, but you were reluctant about the options lying ahead. Giving up on your job and leaving your comfort zone is no mean feat, but it’s definitely worth it. Our lives are meant to be spent doing something that interests us as well as bring the much-needed revenue.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to start a new career, so here are a couple of suggestions to make it happen. Some of them require certain qualifications, but most are based on skills you most likely already possess – you just haven’t thought about taking full advantage of them just yet.
Social Media Manager
If you enjoy writing witty comments and your posts on Instagram and Facebook are liked and admired by your friends (and friends of your friends), chances are you would be an excellent social media manager. Admittedly, there is more to building a brand than just posting photos and adding short descriptions. You are your own brand, but it’s a different situation when you have to promote somebody else.
In order to gain some experience and definitely determine if this is your future vocation, try handling social media accounts for free. For instance, you can volunteer for some non-profits or charities and see if the job appeals to you. Also, bear in mind this is one of the jobs of the future – the demand is only expected to go up.
This would be especially appealing for the type of person who has always taken good care of themselves. Having done impressive research on various topics concerning skin, aging and beauty treatments over the years, you can further expand this knowledge through online courses offered in a variety of areas concerning beauty therapy and you can take your passion and turn it into a profession. This way you would be gaining insight into the latest techniques, products and methods in the beauty industry. Ultimately, you would be doing what you have always loved, and getting lots of free samples, too.

Software engineer
Another job that is highly regarded in today’s marketplace. Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to have a university degree to become an engineer. Finishing an appropriate course is more than enough since most employers require practical knowledge and are much more impressed with that rather than a certificate.

Being good at coding can lead to some very lucrative projects and business positions. You can self-study or take a course, but always look for as many opportunities to practice as possible.
If you have some experience in sales and you enjoy working with people, this might be the ideal job for you. Not only should you be able to build a special rapport with your clients, but you have to sincerely believe in the cause in order to truly do your best (and earn the most you can as well).
You would be persuading people to give a generous donation to a non-profit, hospital, an educational institution, or whoever your employer might be. The salaries vary greatly, to put it mildly. According to some estimates, the median salary ranges from $65,000 to $75,000, though the most successful fundraisers manage to earn an impressive half a million dollars!
Wellness coach
As much as people are trying to lose weight, exercise more or eat healthily, new (and dangerous) records are set every day when it comes to health issues such as heart disease. We all need a bit of support and the extra boost from time to time, and with proper knowledge, you could be doing a favour to many stressed-out souls out there. There are a lot of ways to help your clients reach their health goals. You could be assisting in losing weight, quitting smoking, boosting their immune system and so on.
Excellent communications skills are an invaluable asset. Not everyone responds well to new instructions on changing their lifestyle, so you will have to be an expert at persuading and negotiating.

Solar energy system installer
If by any chance you have been following the real estate market, you must have noticed that the demand for green homes is on the rise, along with their prices. Defining a home environmentally friendly immediately boosts its value and what better way to do so than by adding some solar panels? This job is expected to grow by an impressive 105% by the year 2026. Most of the work is done outside, so a certain level of fitness is required. Experience isn’t necessary, though it is desirable.
In order to determine which job is the most suitable for you, apart from choosing which profession is the most profitable or appeals to you the most, take a moment to determine whether you have what it takes, i.e. if you definitely possess the qualities needed. Perhaps you really enjoy reading health food blogs and working out, but you aren’t patient enough to inspire others to adopt that lifestyle, too. Therefore, find the best in you and channel it through towards your new career.