Holidays are only a month away and to some people that means traveling season. Thousands are waiting for their holidays' vacation to spend some time exploring new and exciting places.

However, in this gifting season you still don’t know what to gift to those eager to leave their homes and with just one month away you’re worried about getting something they won’t appreciate or find useful in their travels.

Unlike regular persons, travelers have specific needs that require different types of gifts for them to feel unique and useful. They will prefer gifts associated with travels or things they can use or wear during their trips.

If you don’t know what to gift your traveling friend, check this list with six great ideas that they’ll love and appreciate.

The critical problem with coming up for a gift for a traveler is that they spend most of their time out there, creating memories of their travels and experiencing the world. Thus, making most gifts unnecessary or left back at home collecting dust since their luggage is limited.

That’s where Tinggly comes in, instead of gifting items you can gift experiences. 

If you have that spontaneous friend that loves to travel and always surprises you with the exotic location he chose to explore this season, with Tinggly they’ll have the choice to pick from hundreds of places and activities to enjoy during his travels.

Best of all, even if they have already picked a location this year and they won’t have time to choose one of the experiences in their Tinggly box they can choose any other in the lapse of five years, making another reason to travel the next holidays.

Backpacks and Luggage
Travelers never have enough space in their luggage, either because their old bags are poorly designed or because they have the habit of buying dozens of souvenirs and fill their luggage to the brim.

If that’s your case get a sturdy backpack or a shiny bag that matches their style and they’ll love having a new place to store their stuff.

Check what sort of person they are, and you might find one that fits their needs, for example, if your friend is a photographer you could get them a set of bags specifically to fit all of their photography gear.

Travelling Clothes & Gear
For both men and women, travel gear is essential; whether they’re going to the tropical heat of South America or explore the cold mountains of Nepal, travelers need a different set of clothing for each location.

Check their style and sizes and get them a new outfit for their travels. Ask where they’re going and you might even get a hint of what sort of clothing they’ll need, that way you won’t surprise them with a designer’s winter coat when they’re going to the Philippines.

Airport Priority Pass Lounge Access
For those who love flying across the globe and find themselves waiting for hours in airports, gifting a priority pass will feel amazing. 

With a priority pass, they will have access to VIP lounges where you can rest and refill between flights. Staying in comfortable rooms with dozens of different services to relax and enjoy the wait for your flight is a great way to start a trip.

Anyone receiving an annual membership will love and appreciate your gift.

Airbnb Gift Cards
Helping your traveler friend or relative pay their lodgings is a great way to appreciate their travels. With Airbnb, they’ll be able to stay in hundreds of places around the world at much lower prices and in exotic or cultural locations that aren’t usually available to the ordinary tourist.

Moreover, by gifting credit with Airbnb, you give them a choice to decide where they’re going to stay, which is a great benefit for travelers who are always on the move.

Tech Deals
There are thousands of different gadgets that will make travelers life much more manageable. Universal chargers or adapters to make sure they’ll always be able to charge their phones and gear, noise canceling headphones, travel speakers, photography kits, and over a hundred different items are available from the tech department.

It’s impossible to narrow it down to one single item from the tech deal that a traveler won’t like since most of them will be very useful. 

However, if you know to what location they’re going and the type of experience they’re going to have you might be able to narrow the list down to more essential items.

Gift Experiences That Travelers Will Love
The best type of gifts a traveler can receive are those that add to their experiences while travels or make their lives easier. Gifts like Tinggly that let them choose amongst hundreds of new experiences to enjoy in their trips or better luggage to help them pack are some of the