We all look forward to enjoying the outdoors come the warmer weather - be that at the beach, a picnic, or with a splash in the pool. But, the cosiest compromise surely has to be ‘bringing the outdoors in’. An outdoor space set-up for sunshine-filled days spent curled up with a book, alfresco lunches with family friends, and summertime soirees that will make for beautiful memories for years to come. All in all, there’s nothing quite like outdoor living!

(Image source: www.pixabay.com)

Protection from the elements

Of primary concern when setting up an outdoor space is creating an environment that offers protection from the elements. The best way to achieve this is usually via outdoor blinds and similar products - for example, this company provides a range of awnings, shutters, doors and screens, and outdoor blinds in Sydney that offer both style and functionality.

Outdoor blinds provide a customisable level of light, shade, airflow, and privacy. In this way, they allow you to fashion an outdoor space that offers seclusion and is suitable for use at any time of day or night. Achieving the ‘best of both worlds’ - you are also able to make the most of a balmy breeze and a beautiful view! Outdoor blinds also help to maximise space by ‘covering in’ areas (like patios and verandahs to provide what is effectively an extra room).

Ambience and flow

You don’t have to have a complete understanding of all the elements of Feng Shui (and go so far as to hire a guru) to balance all the ‘energies of your space’. Just paying a little attention to the natural flow of your design elements will work wonders - for example, by selecting the right size and shape furniture to fit the pre-existing spatial layout of your outdoor living area.

To elaborate further, in finding the right colour scheme for your outdoor space you can apply a few guiding principles. Smaller areas will benefit from the use of lighter colours to create an optical illusion, ie. that there is more room than there actually is. Conversely, warmer and/or darker colours (such as deep wood stains and rustic paneled walls) are more suited to wintertime vibes (like what you might find in cabins, chalets etc).  

Landscaping and greenery

Now we come to the really fun part! Sure, landscaping and gardening can be a bit of hard work, but when it comes to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space, these elements provide the biggest ‘visual pay off’. Plants and decor accessories make your area that much more inviting (for both you and your guests). Particularly when it comes to the warmer months of the year, greenery is crucial in providing shade and affording those lush tropical vibes.

Research the most suitable plants for the area in which you live. For hardiness, you can’t go past succulents, whilst palm trees are always spot on in creating that ‘resort-esque’ feel - right in your own home! Avoid trees with aggressive root systems (they can be particularly damaging to your house structure) and do consider potted plants instead. That way, you can always rearrange your greenery with minimal fuss. Get creative with stone pathways, garden lights, bird baths and even water features for that extra finishing touch!

Your ideal space

Creating the perfect outdoor living environment doesn't have to be too tricky. It’s all about tweaking what you’ve already got established according to what offers the best compliment design-wise. With a few additional fixtures/pieces of carefully selected furniture and the addition of landscaping and decor elements (plus don’t forget a generous splash of greenery), you are well on your way to enjoying your ideal outdoor area this Spring/Summer!