A bizarre question, right? Could your pet get arrested for getting stoned? Pet parents face a moral dilemma of whether it is right to give their pets cannabis to soothe the physical ailments, but who would have thought that this dilemma could also have a legal angle in it!

This was not a topic of discussion on any table until the Hammond Mayor, Thomas McDermott expressed his concern over this issue and hit the Indiana Attorney General at all the right notes.

Of course, the thought of it is a bit peculiar and the witnesses of the Marijuana Policy Panel discussion did chortle quite a bit, but the mayor was definitely not in the mood to encourage the jest as the health of his own 12-year old lab was on the table.

Indiana is yet to legalize medical marijuana and even when it does, only the certified patients will be allowed to consume it. That’s cool, but what about the pets? Are they personally liable if their parents decide to use CBD oil for dogs for them?

Scenarios That Could Throw Some Light On This Situation

We already have an instance to refer to where the mayor, McDermott decided to treat his dog, Teddy for arthritis and hip problems using CBD. Following the advice of the vet, the mayor sourced CBD products for dogs from online shops.

According to his claims, Teddy showed a positive change in moving around, it improved his appetite, and made him healthier than before. 

During his confrontation on the discussion panel to the Attorney General, Curtis, about its legality, he mentioned how he got the CBD product at his doorstep. In response to his concern, Curtis gave a clean chit to the dog saying he would not get arrested for consuming cannabis but McDermott may have to see the inside of the jail for this action.

We have another example of Bruce Blunt, a 40-year old resident of Chicago, who blew a puff of smoked marijuana into the face of his pet chameleon. He aced the social media game with this incident and was in the news back in 2015.

PETA caught the wind of this video and registered an official complaint against Blunt for animal cruelty. Blunt stated that the act was plainly for the benefit of the pet. He said that cannabis calmed his chameleon which had an aggressive streak occasionally.

After listening to what Blunt had to say and for the fact that his pet was not hurt in any way, the Judge, Robert Kuzas acquitted pointing out his behavior as ‘immature’. 

So, What’s The Verdict?

The verdict to the most bizarre case of pets consuming marijuana is that they cannot be arrested for being stoned.

Yes, your pets are safe.

But if medical marijuana is not yet legal in your state then you could surely have a legal affair to sort.

The state must not have laws against the prescription of cannabis for pets either if you don’t want to get arrested for giving cannabis to your pets.

CBD Hemp Oil- A Safer Bet

The reason why the mayor and Blunt had to undergo this trouble was their choice of cannabis. CBD oil for dogs with more than 0.3% THC still comes under illegal substances in many states.

If your state is one of the conservative ones which are yet to pass the bill of medical marijuana, CBD hemp oil is a much safer bet than marijuana.

Although on a milder side, CBD, the cannabinoid shows the same therapeutic properties as THC. With 0-0.3% THC in its composition, CBD hemp oil for dogs provides the safety net that you might be looking for.

Which Products Should You Use?

CBD treats is the most popular category for dog's CBD products. There are several manufacturers who have centered their production to CBD treats for pets giving a wide range of selection to the pet parents.

But your pets may or may not like them. In that case, you could always go with CBD oil for dogs. All you have to do is add the dosage into his meal where the proportion of the oil will be meager compared to his food.

CBD hemp oil has proven to be an awesome natural alternative to treat the pets for several diseases such as arthritis, appetite, cancer, anxiety, and more. A number of success stories have been featured on the Internet where the pets experienced miraculous results after being on CBD.

Final Inference

So, yes, the legal and moral predicaments of giving cannabis to your pets could wear you out but you are doing it all for your furry pals, right? Your pets will not suffer in any way legally or morally unless it is animal cruelty. If your state allows cannabis for animals, nothing could be better than that but if not, turn to CBD hemp oil to end your pet’s suffering.